Travel Assistant

Travel Assistant

  • Flight bookings
  • Hotel bookings
  • Vehicle bookings
  • Emergency return travel arrangements
  • Hotel bookings
  • Lost passport & travel documents assistance
  • Emergency cash transfer assistance
  • Travel information assistance
  • Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates
  • Embassy or consulate referral
  • Legal assistance
  • Translation services

Mail Management

We have expertise in managing high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by the client and ensure that it reaches to the specified department. We employ email response management staffs along with telephone support team and use software solutions to manage email communication.

Vehicle Fleet Management

We have expertise in managing the fleet of vehicles and control the functions such as recording driver and vehicle details, tracking of procurement costs, scheduling of maintenance and servicing tasks, fuel consumption report, and measuring of fleet performance via reports and charts. This includes a simple plug-and-play telematics device along with a simple-viewing fleet management interface that works with a wide variety of vehicles (work vans, delivery trucks, cars and other vehicles) and was developed based on the input from business owners and managers.

  • Real-time vehicle location data
  • Behavior-based alert information (speeding, acceleration and braking)
  • Vehicle usage behavior and vehicle diagnostic information
  • Fuel consumption updates
  • Idle time tracking
  • Trip reporting