Protection & Security System

This service consists of providing security ‘systems solution’, including planning and deployment of security personnel, armed guards, dog handling, investigation & detective systems, firefighting equipments, metal detectors, Undercarriage detectors, Explosive detectors, Search lights, Boom barriers, Electronic Gate Management systems, Building Management Systems, Closed Circuits TV’s and Access Control Systems etc., which will also be maintained and controlled by Pentagon.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

Operate and maintain the entire Fire equipments and installations as per the operating and maintenance manuals and specifications of the manufacturers or the original installation contractors as per the Fire Department’s norms and clearances.

  • Test the master fire alarm bell by activating one pull station.
  • Check that the flashing lights and loudspeakers remain intact.
  • Check the lamp element of flashing light is function properly.
  • Check zoning of audio advisory system.
  • Check the audio supervisory panel functions properly.
  • Activate one device on each initiating device circuit.
  • Activate notification appliance circuits and confirm proper operation of all audible and visual alarms.
  • Test primary power supply for initiating and notifying appliance circuits.
  • Check the emergency power supply of audio / visual advisory systems upon the failure of normal power supply system.
  • Test the two-way communication system.
  • Check all fire alarm equipment to make sure that it is not damaged or inoperative.
  • Check all the Illuminate lamps and LED’s on fire panels.
  • Check water level of rechargeable batteries (if used).
  • Check and ensure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Check all fuses and batteries to be operating condition.
  • Check speakers, manual stations and detectors for damages and obstruction.
  • Check pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, controls, and voice tape (if applicable) for normal indication.
  • Test direct telephone line between alarm panel and Fire Services Department.
  • Check electrical main supply to control cabinet, ensuring all line-supply and earthing’s are correctly connected to the cabinet.
  • All automatic / manual release mechanism shall be checked for its service conditions.
  • Ensure that all such mechanisms are properly lubricated and kept free from corrosion.
  • Time delay and lock-off devices shall be inspected and tested to ensure that they are in correct working condition.
  • All smoke detectors within premise should be cleaned out of dust and tested by simulated signal.
  • Check all detectors for damage or obstruction.
  • Submit report including recommendations for any work improvements.

CCTV & Access Control

  • To operate and maintain the entire and complete CCTV and Access Control system as installed.
  • To ensure all card readers, barriers, door control units are in perfect working condition and carry out periodic checks to ensure signals are received at the central monitor as designed and handed over.