House Keeping

Housekeeping Services

We provide Housekeeping services to commercial, Industrial and residential places to protect public health, water quality and Environment. We provide Cleaning, Pest Control, Gardening, Sewage, Effluent, Water Treatment Services and Swimming Pool maintenance to accommodate current and future needs and promote healthy eco system.

We have good experience and recognition as a quality residential and commercial cleaning agency equipped with the latest equipment and use eco-friendly products and practices to promote clean and safe environment.

  • Clearing/collecting garbage from flats daily and store in the designated place within the premises.
  • Cleaning all common areas.
  • Removal of Cobwebs.
  • Spraying room freshener.
  • Cleaning of all staircases including fire exits.
  • Changing of dustbin liners whenever applicable.
  • General building maintenance including periphery walls.
  • Cleaning of all doors and windows.
  • Scrubbing of toilets and keep the premises clean, dry and hygienic.
  • Cleaning of all Venetian & Horizontal Blinds.
  • Cleaning of all light fittings in the common area.
  • Cleaning all vitrified surfaces.
  • Cleaning of toilets from ceiling to floor and check for clogs in urinals.
  • Common area maintenance including lobby and reception area.
  • Periodic cleaning of the lifts, entrance & floor lobbies and Toilet block.
  • Cleaning of the Electric Rooms and AHU rooms in the presence of the respective operators during the day.
  • Regular cleaning / dusting of workstation and common area interior.
  • Cleaning of all the utility areas inside the common area.
  • Scheduled cleaning / dusting of electrical and other fitting fixtures in the common area.
  • Cleaning of club house floors walls and keeping the floor dry and hygienic.
  • Cleaning the club house toilets, bathrooms, sauna and steam rooms.
  • Polishing of all metal as per defined or fixed schedule.
  • Cleaning of artificial plants.
  • Cleaning of terraces, drains, parking, STP, WTP & ETP area.
  • Thorough cleaning of common and common area toilets with soap water and disinfectants.
  • Sweeping & mopping of the building stairways.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all chrome, glazed surfaces.
  • Collect paper waste for the disposal.
  • Façade cleaning and cleaning of exterior glass panes.
  • Cleaning the water sumps and overhead tanks.

Building Exteriors

  • Exteriors of all buildings shall be inspected on a regular basis and cleaned when required.
  • External surface of glazing of all buildings using the existing installed mechanized cleaning system shall be cleaned wherever it is practically possible or by using.