Horticulture & Gardening Services

We ensure proper maintenance and watering of garden, park, plants, lawns, ornamental flowers, plants in pots, landscaping, lawn maintenance, weeding and pruning, re-pot of plants & saplings. A beautiful garden is a priced possession and is highly beneficial as it reduces the stress and monotony.

  • Periodic trimming of grass and plants.
  • Cleaning of grass clippings from walk and paved areas after mowing.
  • Watering plants, creepers and grass on a regular basis
  • Flower beds and perennial areas shall be raked, cultivated, and pruned.
  • Manuring on a periodical basis for plant’s growth.
  • Proper edging of all walkways, curb lines & hard boarders
  • Safety measures must be followed regularly by filling holes in turf areas.
  • Pruning and trimming of plants in maintaining desired shapes of plants.
  • Clean-up of accumulated debris, leaves, flowers fallen from trees and plants.