Electro Mechanical Services

Electrical Services

Operate and maintain the entire Electrical Systems, equipment and installations, as per the operation and maintenance manuals and specifications of the manufacturers or the original installation contractors.

  • Ensure that all the electrical equipment in common areas, lift rooms, electrical shafts, meter boxes in units/flats etc. are locked always and access is limited to authorized personnel only.
  • Ensure all cable and wire connections are clean and firm.
  • Ensure contacts in all breakers are clean and mechanical operation is smooth and firm.
  • Check all meters periodically to ensure that they are functioning and shows correct readings.
  • Ensure all light fittings inclusive of luminaries, lamps, ballasts, starters, transformers, etc., are in proper working condition and replacements if any are carried out promptly.
  • Maintain the earthing system to ensure earth continuity at all points in the electrical system up to the main distribution board and maintain all earthing pits with necessary maintenance requirements.
  • Take necessary steps to conduct inspections by statutory inspectors carried out at all specified intervals and ensure all licenses/permits are valid always.
  • Pentagon will maintain critical equipment such as air circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers, transformers etc. In case of major breakdowns & overhauls, specialized agencies may be employed, Pentagon will coordinate with the concerned agencies for all the activities.
  • Periodic testing of Oil and Dehydration / Oil filtration will be done on behalf of the Client.
  • Rewinding of motors, cooling tower fans (except Air Conditioning), exhaust fans, ACB’s and alternators of DG will be done on behalf of Client.
  • Record the readings of Electrical meter installed in various places for electrical consumption.
  • Stock levels to be maintained for different kinds of spares/parts, etc., ensure always the adequacy of stock of spares for all machines installed at the site. Information to stores to be given for replenishment of stocks.
  • Cost of calibration and relay testing or any other testing of equipment to be borne by the Client.
  • The cost of repair of Pump sets and associated pipeline damages or changing of the same due to aging or due to any other cause will be borne by the client.

Plumbing Services

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality plumbing services on time with best prices. We specialize in managing pneumatic and traditional water pipe lines, gas lines, clogged toilets, water blockages, water leakages, sewage cleaning, re-piping, and drain cleaning. We are the complete plumbing service providers to all residential and commercial plumbing service requirements.