Pentagon is one of the leading organization in providing Security and Facility management services. Our main thrust is to provide professionally trained security management team to fulfil reliable, competitive and value-added services. We have a perfect blend of skill, experience, expertise, infrastructure and financial resources to meet the challenges.

Facility & Asset Management division of Pentagon is focused at providing Common Area Maintenance for multi-tenant / occupant assets. We have more than 43 facilities and over 25 Million sq. ft. under our management with a team strength of 730 Facility Management professionals including 45 technical experts.

Manpower outsourcing is required when a firm needs to complete a task in which they don’t want to hire new employees. Outsourcing is an efficient way to save cost. Currently many companies rely on outsourcing. The concept started when companies were reluctant to hire new employees for short-term jobs. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on other business while the manpower staffing provider recruits, supplies and manages the staff for them. Manpower outsourcing is required when there is a lack of skilled workers. The trend has been most popular with multinational companies, since they prefer to outsource. We at Corporate Pentagon Services can provide your company with tailor-made human resources solutions with highly skilled manpower outsourcing for IT and NON-IT companies.

Our Advantage

  • Our large pool of experts who will transfer international best practices.
  • Our unique and extensive experience, network and multi-disciplined best practice, will leverage the best of our business for the benefit of the SA
  • A well established and proven track record in the provision of high quality Facility management services across Karnataka.
  • Our use of complex and cutting-edge technology from development, through commissioning into operational management and occupation, supported by a robust training platform which is customized to local market conditions and which focuses on training at grass root level.
  • Our local and regional engineering operations platform includes expertise in: safety, risk management, roads, infrastructure and energy.
  • With our experience coupled with expertise in technology, we are more than capable of handling transition and managing your facility.

Our Offer & Advantages

Induction Team

  • A dedicated team with relevant experience and well versed with systems & processes to be implemented at client’s facility by the operational team.
  • The Induction team will be responsible for setting up the processes of operations to the team at the client’s facility.
  • The head of all the departments will be personally briefed by the Induction Team.


  • Streamlined reporting through the state-of-the art tools to the specific facility needs.
  • The benefits from Pentagon that brings together ‘Best practices and Innovations’.
  • Deliver the benefits of our expertise in ‘Customer Service Programs’ to all the staff of the client.
  • Excellent clientele retention.
  • Employee retention is approximately 90%.
  • Committed to statutory compliance.
  • Certified Trainers on board.
  • Implementing QMS and checklists
  • Customized Services Analysis Proposal
  • Daily and Periodical Services reviews
  • Professional, Competent, Customer focused team

Portfolio Efficiency and Integration

  • Real value for money, streamlined systems and an ability to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Consistent automated reporting to make accurate and strategic facility decisions.
  • Access to our Automated Reporting Systems from any location worldwide.

Retention Scheme

  • Wages as per ‘minimum wages act’
  • Monthly wages paid on time
  • 100% Statutory payment declaration
  • Regular ‘Refresher Training’
  • ‘Rewards and Recognition’ programs
  • ‘Promotion’ to the best performers
  • Effective employee’s ‘Grievance Redressal’ Dept.
  • Team Building and enhancing Leadership qualities
  • Availability of senior management for any concerns

Sourcing Of Manpower

  • News Paper advertisements
  • Job Portals
  • Employees referral scheme
  • Social media postings
  • Job drives in coordination with ‘District Employment Office’
  • Job drives in coordination with ‘Vocational Training Center’
  • Identifying manpower suppliers in various Districts & States
  • Tie up with employment-based NGO’s

Operational Risk Management

We play an important role in providing professional support in ‘Compliance Programs’ to minimize client’s exposure to any risks at our managed properties, mainly failure of systems, there is a need to address various parameters to achieve this compliance. Non-compliances can cause risk to the client’s facility, our in-house specialists team will assess the risk factor in accordance with the compliance and report the same to the management.

Ensuring risk mitigation is a key focus, we conduct a range of audits to identify specific risk areas within the facility. Our compliance program both in its content and its frequency will be tailored to replicate the specific needs of the client’s property, thereby reduces the exposure to any liability.

Integrated Facility Audit

The customized audit programs that we recommend to the clients has been uniquely tailored to suit the needs of premium properties and has been designed to address the key elements of a sound operational risk management strategy.

Our intentions are to include all the risk categories of the facility into a complete integrated facility audit to be performed by an in- house independent team of experts. Every category of the management processes will be reviewed in accordance with any relevant legislations across both State and Central regulatory boards. Based on the findings of the Integrated Facility Audit, we will systematically identify, assess, manage, and monitor any significant threats or risks to achieve the client’s compliance objectives. We will implement a strategy to achieve the physical and operational risk management objectives, in consideration of the client’s requirements.

  • Appropriate analytical techniques designed to assist identification and evaluation of risk.
  • Assessment of costs associated with risk management controls.
  • Response and control processes designed to optimize the risk exposure to the client.

General Administration

We prepare Daily Management Reports (DMR) and other necessary reports and documents required for the operations of the facility and we keep the client’s management team informed of the operational developments on a regular basis. We maintain all the relevant documents which will be produced to the client whenever required.

We shall act in the capacity of a facilitator to the client, which includes the responsibility of coordinating and organizing the meetings within the management committee of the facility, external vendors, service contractors, statutory departments, on major issues pertaining to the management of the facility as per the obligations under the terms of the service Agreement

Scope of work

  • Maintaining minutes of meetings, communication to the stakeholders
  • Maintaining warranties and guarantees of the plants and machineries
  • Maintaining of Correspondence.
  • Handling complaints and maintaining records.
  • Systems training programs and reports
  • Filing of statutory documents.
  • Planning the Operational Budgets.
  • Vendor management
  • Procurement of quotation for rate comparison.
  • Report on Contract Work Management.
  • Report of Operational Audits.
  • Report on Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • Planning for Energy Management and Conservation Program.
  • Report Risk Management.
  • Panning and report on operation deliverables.
  • Current Management and Reporting Systems
  • Handling accounts for the purpose of audit
  • Reporting based on the client’s requirements